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Saturday, January 31, 2009

You create something, send it out into the world and... never know what happens to it!!
It is soooo wonderful when you create things that you like and you see someone actually using it! I am pretty sure that's what gets a lot of artisans up in the morning. This excitement is especially true for me when people are selecting gifts---you hope the recipient is actually excited to get the item that this person has so thoughfully selected for them! Often, we never find out if the recipient is pleased, or if it sat in a drawer hidden and unloved. I LOVE when people who geographically wouldn't likely see me in person at a show are nice enough to let me (and sometimes the world) know that they did, in fact, like what they got!!

Recent examples:

I am soo glad you love them, and I appreciate the feature and just knowing that the creation was loved!

I would love to hear from anyone who received something---as I often remember the person who bought it for you and its nice to see it all come full circle!! Pictures are great too!!

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