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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

NEW Contest on Facebook Fan Page

Hi! I have always done contests for myspace friends, and I realized I had never done one for Facebook! I decided to create one based upon recruiting people to be fans of my product page (not to be confused with the cadence innovative designs group--though feel free to join that as well!!).. All you have to do is become a fan, then get other people to become fans and post on the wall that (your name here) recruited them! Make sure they do that part, as otherwise it will not count (i.e.- I will not know if they were referred at all or who referred them). Being a fan of the page has its own rewards, as you often will see pics of new items right after being made (pre-etsy store) and find out about events and shows I'll be attending by a direct invite!!

What do you win for recruiting people--Well, $50 in free product, either from my online shop, shows, or a combination thereof!! Not too shabby!!! Also, feel free to friend request me! It has been great meeting completely new people already from this contest! Not on Facebook yet? Well, what a good excuse to join! Rules are below. (Here's a tip--Go to the cadence innovative designs fan page, hit "Share" in the top right, Post it to your page. Then, Copy and Paste the paragraph below as a comment below the post--that way, people know what to do! Feel free to contact me or comment with questions!

NEW contest announced! Whoever recruits the most new fans to the cadence innovative designs fan page will win a $50 credit to my online store/shows/combination thereof. New fans must post right on the page's wall who referred them, or it will not count! Contest ends Feb 28th, midnight, EST. Do not try to cheat, as I reserve the right to disqualify you! Good Luck!


Kristen H said...

You have some really nice stuff! I enjoyed checking it out!

cadence said...

Thanks, I like your pages too! Art+food+coffee=LOVE!!

cadence said...

Contest Update--2/13/09

Carin- 5 recruits
Kelly- 5 recruits
Tiffany- 12 recruits

Still plenty of time left to win the $50 credit!!!
Find my product page by searching Cadence Innovative Designs on Facebook!!!

cadence said...

Congrats to Tiffany Sullivan for recruiting the most fans!! She will get $50 in FREE Stuff!!

Check back for more contests!!