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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Found my camera and More Shows!

My camera, once lost in my move- is now found, and the crazy event schedule is in full swing! I have been a having a great time at SoWa Sundays/ SoWa Open Market in Boston
( and Providence Open Market in Lippitt Park in East Providence on Saturdays ( ! So far, the weather has been great, the turnout has been great, and the vendors are great! I must admit, it is very hard for one not to spend all of their daily profits at all of the other vendor booths! From amazing food, produce, and of course handmade fashions and Art of all kinds- you are going to leave with something! Also, I've been enjoying seeing shoppers coming back multiple times to both shows, receiving custom order requests, and debuting some new clocks for sale!

Come down and see a show! It's the best way to see new things debut as I make them and get first picks!

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