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Monday, February 15, 2010

Spring Cleaning

As I plot new events and products for Spring/Summer, I am doing some virtual "spring cleaning" in regards to events and products. I really have had a grueling schedule the past few years trying to get my business out there, trudging through multiple health issues, taking time away from my personal life and depending on family and friends for help. Now that I have experienced many different shows and experiences, I am more able to narrow the scope to things that work for me, my customers and my business at this time! I am planning on doing a variety of shows, from markets, to indie craft shows, to home parties, and also special events and celebrations! I will give first preference to more local shows, as I felt I wasn't focusing enough on this in the past, along with shows that are really trying to help the community around them! I love to travel though, so, expect a variety of shows in the Northeast that are unique in theme or purpose. I also have a few very favorite shows that I cannot support enough, and therefore, will be partaking in some of those as I do yearly! This applies to new stores as well, and I will be expanding to new markets where I feel the message of buying local, eco-friendly, and handmade are the number one priority!
I also plan on working on new products that allow me to expand my creativity and market. I want to do more "art" in mediums I have explored in the past, such as collage and sculpture, and incorporate them into useful objects, giving them a dual purpose (like the clocks). I continue to welcome custom orders and have no problem making some of your old favorites upon request! Thanks to all of my customers, shop owners, and everyone else who supports me for allowing me to create and be happy doing what I do!

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