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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New Year, New News!

"New news!"? Okay, admittedly, that was a little corny! Anyway, it's always hectic, I find, this time of year, for people in the "handmade world". You're in the tiny window between holiday insanity and needing to come up with new product line, decide which, if any, shows you're applying to, and overall just deciding what direction you want to go in with your business. I mean, for some heavily competitive shows, it's literally a two-week window! I have no idea how some people do it, and do it so well.
I have definitely wrangled with what I want to focus on for new product this year, and getting it all presentable in that time frame would be impossible for me this year. I am never a fan of being categorized, though I understand the need for it in markets and shows, and so I am always a little frustrated with properly trying to get myself across! That said, I have already come up with quite a few new things (none photo-ready yet) and I think this year will again be a transition to a new format for my business.
February is already such a crazy month! I have crammed several medical "happenings" in to this month, which are limiting my production a bit, but are getting them out of the way and allowing me some planning time for big things to come! I can't reveal them quite yet, but stay tuned for it and soon-to-be-announced other shows, markets, events and new products!
I've also created a new Facebook Profile for Cadence Innovative-Designs, since the fan page does not allow for people to send messages or for me to be notified when people comment on old pictures and posts! Be sure to "friend" me there if you want to be able to ask questions and communicate!
More pics and updates to come!

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