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Monday, August 13, 2012

Fall/Holiday Vendors!

   Fall and the holiday season are just around the corner and since I've been receiving lots of questions and emails from people about vending, I decided to publish an application/contact form.  While there are not specific items I am "looking for" or not looking for, I definitely like to know as much as I can about items so that the relationship is beneficial to both artisan, shop, and customers!  I also like to be able to explain background on items and artist to potential buyers and visitors.  If you are interested, please follow this link, and fill out the forms to the best of your ability!  I may not be able to respond to every application, but will try my best to and will definitely give every form attention and consideration!  Items do not need to be "local" to the shop necessarily (although this is great), but must be handmade in the US!  There are many galleries and outlets for art in the area, so my decisions are mainly around quality and offering some new items to add to the choices available here!  Please feel free to ask questions in the given space on the form, or email me:


Here is the link again- in case you missed it above:

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