Domesticadence Studio

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Cadence Innovative Designs is now domesticadence!

Cadence Innovative Designs has begun its transition to its new incarnation, DomestiCadence Handmade & Vintage!  Now I will begin to share everything from the handmade products you may know, to original art work, hand-lettering work, some of my great vintage finds, and even tips on re-purposing and restoring found objects to add to your own decor and style!  As I continue to roll out the new changes, you will see both names used in marketing materials, cards, labels, etc.  Our etsy shop has now changed names to, our instagram is now domesticadence, my twitter will remain @cadencedesigns, and soon I will unveil an entirely new site ( where you can find everything from handmade decor, accessories, art and even vintage items- all within the same themes and feel that my products have always had (if  they've ever had one.  But, I digress....).  DomestiCadence has been in the works for awhile, yet it's always a big undertaking to rebrand a business and start including new types of products and even original art and even design tips!  Stay tuned for more changes and upcoming events and new products!

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