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Friday, October 17, 2008

Prudential Center Artisan Market & Design Hive

Spend your money wisely this Holiday Season by supporting Handmade Artisans instead of Big Box, cookie-cutter gifts! I have been accepted into two great new artisan markets for this season that are sure to bring you the BEST of handmade originality! I am so glad to be a part of them, as I could not bear the catty grandma church and school fairs again! (and I have only done 3 ever!!!!)
Firstly, Saturdays, beginning November 8th til Dec 20th, from 10-5, I will be at Design Hive in Cambridge. Here's a blurb from the site: (
The Design Hive features one-of-a-kind, handmade items including:* clothing (modern and vintage)* handbags and accessories* jewelry* housewares * ceramics, prints, and paper goods* and much more!
Who'll be there? The Design Hive is a rotating collective retail experience featuring different designers every week. Here's a listing of participating designers.
Get your groove on: DJ Hyssop from Dead Language Studio will be spinning a collage of world music and tracks from his new album, Modern Medicine, the first 3 market dates.
Why shop local? It's a great alternative to mass-produced, mass-consumed goods and it's way more hip. Need more reasons?
Cambridge 02138 We've got some of the biggest brains in the planet ... it's time someone shows them how to dress! Plus, it's a great excuse to explore the "Left Bank."
Secondly, I have been accepted into the Prudential Center Artisan Market, where I'll be Sundays beginning Nov.9th til Dec 21st from 12-6. Get some exclusive handmade gifts right along with some from the many other stores in the Mall!
Here's a blurb from their site: (
The Prudential Center Artisan Market will feature one-of-a-kind hand crafted products and designer wares including jewelry, handbags, accessories, sculpture, indie designer clothing, pottery, glass, and home goods of exceptional originality and creativity. Just in time for the holidays, you'll find that perfect gift for someone special that they won't be able to find anywhere else; or maybe, you can sneak in a purchase for yourself as a reward for all that hard holiday shopping. If you're in town for the weekend for a convention or just to explore the city, grab a souvenir for someone back home. The Prudential Center is accompanied by four major Boston hotels – the Sheraton, the Weston, the Marriot and the new Mandarin Oriental – so on your way in or out of your room, stop by for a chance to meet our established artisans who make these exclusive products. Located at the Prudential Center in downtown Boston, the Prudential Center Artisan Market will launch on November 9th through December 21st, 2008. The market will run every Sunday from 12 PM – 6 PM. Admission is free, in a warm convenient location in the most visited mall in the Northeast.

Please come visit!!!!!

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