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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Phew!! This crazy holiday season is over! (Although I am feeling very confused to have had a Saturday and Sunday off!) From crazy weather and power outages, to life-changing medical issues, to a ridiculous show schedule---I am wiped out!!
Thanks to everyone who went out to the great shows I participated in all of Novemeber and December! You helped keep small, local businesses thriving, and liked getting handmade, intimate, personal gifts for those you loved!! The shows in Cambridge (Designs Hive) and Boston (Prudential Artisan Market) were wonderful experiences, with lots of great vendors to meet and run by great people!!! Customers came out in bad weather, when they could've just gone to the mall--and we appreciate that! I loved meeting people from all over the world, and felt priviledged to make some personalized custom orders for people to give as gifts!
Now, it is time for a revamp and some new products, new displays, even new websites--so stay tuned!!! The New Year is here and it is not called "Cadence INNOVATIVE Designs" for nothing!! Also, check for tons of things listed daily that you may have missed at a show, or feel free to still request custom orders!

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Thanks, ~Cadence

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