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Monday, November 16, 2009

Twist III

Still recovering from the awesome event that was Twist III! This event just seems to be getting better and better! I had my same location next to the DJ and the drinks, so all was well in that department! The new VIP reception from 4-6 on Friday brought in some rabid indie design fans who all got their free swag bag, some yummy treats, and first dibs on their favorite handmade items! From 6-9 the place was hopping and pretty much wall-to-wall customers! My Ornaments made from old books and maps- including Where the Wild Things are, Alice In Wonderland, and local/international maps- were flying out and I was really afraid I would have to drive the hour plus home and whip out some more before the long day Saturday( I, unfortunately, was too tired to accomplish this!). I also got to reconnect with another one of my best friends growing up, and meet some really wonderful new customers and gallery owners. I also love that customers from past Twist Shows seem to love coming back to tell me how much someone liked something they bought from me, or else love to wear things they bought from me and show me that they are still wearing and loving the items! The other vendors are equally as friendly at this show, and I made some amazing purchases and trades! I got a really wonderful piece of ceramic work by Rachel Garceau (, traded with my super nice neighbor, Heather of bright lights little city ( for some great origami star making kits and later bought a great necklace made of sequins too! My sister, who was helping me, bought some prints from Nate Duval ( I own several of his as well!

Saturday was a rainy day, but people still came out, and even came back to get more. One customer even told me she had come the night before and wanted things from a variety of vendors but was undecided. She went to bed and dreamed about all of the items, so decided that that was a sign and came back Saturday! Vendors had wonderful breakfast and lunch provided again, as well as FREE massages in the Vendor Lounge! The day was busy and went by quickly, and before you knew it we were all packing up, saying goodbye, and looking forward to the next Twist! Thanks to the great organizers, vendors, and customers!

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