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Friday, November 27, 2009

Trunk Shows at my place!!

Trunk shows at my place on the following dates:
Thursday, December 3rd 3PM- 7Pm
Saturday, December 5th 12 noon- 6 PM
**Just added: Tuesday, December 15th, 3-9 PM
Friday, December 18th 3-9PM
**Other dates by appointment****

Come eat, drink, and shop handmade this holiday! Browse jewelry, accessories, home decor, clocks & more! Casual, Open House Style- Bring friends & family -All ages welcome!
All items for sale will be handmade by me or possibly other talented people I know! Lots of friends, coworkers, neighbors and other artists will be stopping by!

** For my items- place custom orders early & pick up night of event!

RSVP for dates of you are bringing a larger group (so i will have enough munchables) or if you want to have a Trunk Show at your home or other location-

VISA, Mastercard, Cash and Checks Accepted. Gift Boxes or Bags provided

Please pass this on to anyone you think would be interested and isn't a psycho stalker!
Email me at above address for directions, please!

See you there!

FREE Shipping & Holiday Sale!

Just letting you know that I am offering FREE U.S. Shipping on all items in my Etsy Shop through "Cyber Monday"! I am also having a sale on Ornaments- Buy 3, save $6! (3 for $30, reg. $12 each) Let me know if you want something to be listed that you dont see in the shop! Hurry, I've already sold out of several ornament styles! Check back next week for most to be restocked!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Twist III

Still recovering from the awesome event that was Twist III! This event just seems to be getting better and better! I had my same location next to the DJ and the drinks, so all was well in that department! The new VIP reception from 4-6 on Friday brought in some rabid indie design fans who all got their free swag bag, some yummy treats, and first dibs on their favorite handmade items! From 6-9 the place was hopping and pretty much wall-to-wall customers! My Ornaments made from old books and maps- including Where the Wild Things are, Alice In Wonderland, and local/international maps- were flying out and I was really afraid I would have to drive the hour plus home and whip out some more before the long day Saturday( I, unfortunately, was too tired to accomplish this!). I also got to reconnect with another one of my best friends growing up, and meet some really wonderful new customers and gallery owners. I also love that customers from past Twist Shows seem to love coming back to tell me how much someone liked something they bought from me, or else love to wear things they bought from me and show me that they are still wearing and loving the items! The other vendors are equally as friendly at this show, and I made some amazing purchases and trades! I got a really wonderful piece of ceramic work by Rachel Garceau (, traded with my super nice neighbor, Heather of bright lights little city ( for some great origami star making kits and later bought a great necklace made of sequins too! My sister, who was helping me, bought some prints from Nate Duval ( I own several of his as well!

Saturday was a rainy day, but people still came out, and even came back to get more. One customer even told me she had come the night before and wanted things from a variety of vendors but was undecided. She went to bed and dreamed about all of the items, so decided that that was a sign and came back Saturday! Vendors had wonderful breakfast and lunch provided again, as well as FREE massages in the Vendor Lounge! The day was busy and went by quickly, and before you knew it we were all packing up, saying goodbye, and looking forward to the next Twist! Thanks to the great organizers, vendors, and customers!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Twist Fair III !

Next on the agenda is Twist Fair III! Again, it takes place in lovely Northampton, MA at the Center for the Arts Ballroom on November 13th from 6-9 PM (VIP reception from 5-6) & Saturday the 14th from 10 AM- 6PM. I have done this show several times before and am excited to have it at the perfect time for holiday shopping! I love seeing old friends and family who come out for the show and have tons of memories and inspiration that came from living in that area! I am also selling items all the way until the end of December at the Twist Shop in Thorne's Marketplace in Northampton as well. It's a great place to shop before and after the event has happened and has a selection from past and present vendors! More to come after the event!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Market of the Living Dead!

Sunday was the last day of the season of SoWa Open Market in Boston and also the Halloween themed, "Market of the Living Dead"! There was Pumpkin and fruit carving, vendor and customer costume contests and lots of spooky decorations and goodies being distributed! I decided to paint Munch's famous painting, The Scream, for my costume. Of course, I decided this Saturday afternoon, when there was no time for a long drive to a chain store from where I live to get supplies. I , therefore, had to scrounge around the art room! I found a frame lying around that I got once from a "FREE" table at a flea market and took out a piece of foamcore from the cellar and some mostly dried out and separated acrylic paints and some old brushes from when I worked at a craft store and went to work. Of course, I had to scale the head much larger than in the original and also, the frame was a little small for the scale, but it came out decent, in my opinion. I then cut out the head portion so my face could peek through. We were also putting the last minute touches on my sister's "Bjork at the Oscars Swan Dress" costume that was hand sewed Saturday as well.
I neglected to anticipate 2 very important things things that happened Sunday at the show. Firstly, I had to hold up my Frame the whole time, which not only got quite tiring, but it had to be set down each time I was completing a sale. Secondly, I remembered why I do not love wearing interesting costumes to events. My sister and I literally were stopped by every person we walked by or who came to our tent for pictures- foreign tourists, art students, random weirdos- and asked to pose for pictures on their cameras or cell phones. People also expected me to maintain the constant pose of the scream (for 9 hours) and were saying things like, "you cant smile, you're "The Scream".
I was left very thankful that I wasn't wearing a tactile costume. Let's just say I spent Halloween and my 25th Birthday in New York City wearing an extremely accurate Grumpy Care Bear Costume- made by my lovely friend, Laura, which was furry and soft and eventually touched by literally everyone I came in contact with. (Many more than I came in contact with Sunday, to say the least). You do not want to be on the Subway in a furry costume on Halloween.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Holiday ornaments on a snowy October Day

It would seem really odd to me to be making my decoupaged ornaments for the Holidays when it isn't even Halloween yet (almost sacrilegious, as my birthday is Halloween)- BUT, it is SNOWing today!!!
Anyway, I am making up a bunch of new ornaments for shops and holiday shows. Some of the themes I'm doing this year are--more Maps of Boston/Cambridge, New York, Chicago, London Underground, & Paris; Vintage Christmas Sheet Music, Vintage Wrapping Paper, Classy Damask Prints & some lovely Japanese Chiyogami Papers, Vintage Pin-Up Girls and some of my favorite books!! Custom orders and sets will also be available. These are decoupaged over Papier Mache, so they are lightweight, easy to ship, and wont break around kiddos or animals!! Plus, they are eco-friendly repurposed papers that are heavily sealed to be more than just a one year novelty!

Check out pictures below!

Friday, September 11, 2009

New Fall Bangles!!

Just finished up a huge batch of NEW Fall Bangle designs. Of course, many of the popular designs are still here-(Maps, Vintage Sheet Music, Kitschy Ephemera) but they are never exactly the same!! There are new bangles shapes and sizes, more of my original artwork, and just entirely new ideas! All Bangles are now handmade by myself or another artisan right here in New England!! Stay tuned-I will post more new Clock Designs and even some entirely NEW designs!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Gourmet Chocolate & Shopping!

Mark your calendars & come indulge-

I've been invited to sell my wares at The Langham, Boston's infamous Chocolate Bar on Saturday October 3rd! This is their 21st season, and their theme this year is "Boston's Chocolate Trail". It seems like it'll be fun adventure for your taste buds as you "explore Boston's favorite neighborhoods"! Of course, it wasn't hard to convince me to participate in this event! I have heard and read so much about it in the Press, but have never experienced it myself. As part of "Chocolate Trail", they have invited an artisan each month to represent the South End and it's many studios, and of course, the South End "SoWa" Open Market. Many neighborhoods are being represented, including desserts from Chinatown, the North End, Faneuil Hall, Back Bay, Beacon Hill, the South End, and Fenway Park.
"The Bar" runs from 11 AM- 3 Pm, and reservations are accepted at 11, 11:30, 1,& 1:30 PM. All ages are welcome- Adults $38, Children 12 & under, $25, 4 & under FREE!

What a great treat for a beautiful Fall day in Boston! I can't imagine anything better than Chocolate & Shopping in Boston in Fall!

Let me know if you're coming & get a special surprise!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

SO excited to be a part of Picnic music + arts festival in Portland, ME for my next show!!

The show will feature local and regional crafters, indie music on the stage, and also, ample space in Lincoln Park to bring family/friends and chill or even "picnic" amongst it all! Of course, the best selling point is that it takes place in cool downtown Portland, ME. Come on down and visit if you're local- or even if you're not!

Picnic Music + Arts Festival, 11 am- 6pm
Lincoln Park at Congress Street and Franklin Arterial, Portland, ME

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Copper Typewriter Key Pendant Necklace in The Boston Globe!!

I was so fortunate to be featured in an article on June 25th in The Boston Globe & in the Style Magazine in an article called "Gifts to make you the life of the Wedding Party"-

It featured unique gifts to give the people in your wedding party for all they've done to help, that are a bit more unique than the traditional choices. As I have actually made many sets of wedding party gifts in the past, it seemed especially fitting! I loved hearing stories from many new customers about who the necklaces would be for, and how they heard about them! I had quite the time catching up on orders and getting everything together- as each was custom made and not just something I had in stock!

Thanks again to all the great new customers I met and Courtney Hollands for writing such a great piece! Feel free to check out these and other typewriter pieces I have in my shop and at shows- as well as other things you may like!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Found my camera and More Shows!

My camera, once lost in my move- is now found, and the crazy event schedule is in full swing! I have been a having a great time at SoWa Sundays/ SoWa Open Market in Boston
( and Providence Open Market in Lippitt Park in East Providence on Saturdays ( ! So far, the weather has been great, the turnout has been great, and the vendors are great! I must admit, it is very hard for one not to spend all of their daily profits at all of the other vendor booths! From amazing food, produce, and of course handmade fashions and Art of all kinds- you are going to leave with something! Also, I've been enjoying seeing shoppers coming back multiple times to both shows, receiving custom order requests, and debuting some new clocks for sale!

Come down and see a show! It's the best way to see new things debut as I make them and get first picks!

Friday, May 29, 2009


Sorry that I haven't posted in awhile! I cannot find my camera in the move and I am soooo busy right now! Feel free to contact me through email or Etsy for specific questions! Shows are in full swing, so check out my Calendar to the right for shows near you!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

And the winners are.....

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Giveaway I had going on with Bella Bags by Marcia! We notified the lucky winners today and soon they will have fun, new, handmade Summer Bags & Jewelry to enjoy!
Winners were : Grand Prize - Sarah C. ($25 credit to each shop)
First Prize- Sarah S. ($15 credit to each shop)
Second Prize- Pam ($10 credit to each shop)
Check back for more contest to come--find out first by being a fan on facebook or following us on!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Mime approved!

Ahh, life! In case I haven't whined loud enough, I am moving (yay), starting shows (yay), getting ready for a fun family reunion (yay), and trying to deal with all of my "mystery diagnoses" all in a one month span!!! I do not always fully appreciate the wisdom in "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger", but i feel it must be true!

Twist Fair 2.0 was very fun, (as expected) and I loved seeing customers from last year modeling some of my old creations! How nice of them to wear them back to show me! I also saw lots of old friends who I hadn't seen in years from high school, college, and coworkers- which I completely appreciate guys! I also got to spend the weekend with one of my best friends who helped me at the show and we had a great time reliving some of our college days in the area and enjoying the lovely Hotel Northampton! Bought some great items as well! I didn't take as many pictures as I would've liked, but I guess I was having too good of a time! It was also Pride Weekend in Northampton, so there was a parade and a generally fun atmosphere around! Some circus mimes entertained us and even bought a flapper ring, so I was glad to find out that my jewelry was "mime-approved"! Thanks to Cory and Lexie Barnes and all of the sponsors, again,as they really know how to put on a great show!

Next, I am in insanely busy mode trying to pack for a much needed move and make things and update displays for Opening Weekend at SoWa Open Market in Boston on May 16th & 17th! If you are ever in the area, you really need to check out this show! It has so much to offer in the way of talented Artists, Artisans, and NEW for this year, Antiques! It has FREE Parking & Admission, and I have met so many awesome loyal customers and fellow vendors who have become friends. It is also very well run and a great event for the whole family! I am so glad to be doing nearly every Sunday this year! I will be bringing lots of new items beyond jewelry to this show which allows me much more space! ( )

Soon, I will post pics of the new studio in my new place, and some new creations! Better get back to work so I can pull this all off!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Bella Bags by Marcia & Cadence Innovative Designs Giveaway!

Spring has come, Summer is near, and Cadence Innovative Designs and Bella Bags have teamed up for a giveaway!! Warmer weather means you need some fun and bright new pieces to add to your collection! All you have to do is visit each of our Etsy stores, choose your 2 favorite items for Summer, and email both of us with your 4 choices! That's it!!
Grand PrizeWinner will receive a $25 credit to each of our shops, 2nd place will receive $15 to each of our shops and 3rd place will receive $10! The best part is ... there is NO purchase necessary!!
Treat yourself or choose a great gift for Mother's Day, Graduation, or Birthdays!!!

Starting today April 27th thru May 11th, go to BOTH of our etsy shops, ( & ), choose your 2 favorite items from each shop, and email BOTH of us & with the 2 items from each shop!

Winner will be drawn from a hat on May12th, and notified by email! Only 1 entry per person (and cheating is not only bad karma, but will result in disqualification :) Please email either of us with any questions, and also take advantage of FREE U.S. Shipping in both of our shops going on Right Now!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day- FREE Eco-logo tote!!

In honor of Earth Day, I am giving away one of my Eco-logo Shopping totes FREE with every purchase in my etsy shop: Today Only!

This is on top of FREE Shipping going on 'til Mother's Day (May 10)!!!

Enjoy! In my opinion, the easiest way to start going green is repurposing and upcycling things you already have! If not, at least reuse this shopping tote instead of a plastic or paper bag and then send ME all of your old books, jars, buttons, postcards, maps, etc!!!! LOL
(P.S.- Don't forget that if you bring this bag back to any of my shows, you get 10% off your purchase-just remind us if we forget! See calendar at right for show dates!)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Just Some New Things...

Here are just a few new bangles to give you a preview of what's to come @ my Upcoming Shows beginning May 1st-2nd @ Twist Fair and then Opening Weekend @ SoWa Open Market May 16th & 17th!--For details, see calendar @ right or previous posts!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

FREE Shipping until Mother's Day - May 10th!!!

In honor of Mother's Day, I am again offering FREE shipping on any and ALL things in my etsy shop, & !! Why not take advantage and get something for Mom and for yourself?? If you'd like a bracelet with a different print, a ring with a different type of wire, or anything you've seen at a show thats not listed, this would be a great time! Simply "convo" me through etsy or regular email and I will create a custom listing for you! I will combine items purchased from different shops into one box as well, or ship yours to you and Mom's to Mom! Remember, this only lasts 'til May 10th!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Won't you be my 200th sale?

I have been slacking a bit due to prepping for shows and some lovely medical procedures--and am still just inches away from my 200th etsy sale in my main shop- . I did a little prize/contest for my 100th sale (see older posts) and so I thought I would up the ante a little more this time! If you are my lovely 200th etsy sale (feel free to be my 199th also) you will get a $20 credit to use in any of my three etsy shops or at a show! Use it right away, or save it up for a gift or holiday! Also, if you are the 200th sale, or any sale of $25 or more, you will receive the Eco-logo Reusable Shopper Tote which allows you to get 10% off at any show or event! (see post below).

Want something you don't see in my shop? Let me know and I will do my best to list it for you and if its the 200th sale, you will still win!

Hope you'll take advantage, and Good Luck!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Save a Bag, Save a few $$$, Save the Planet???

So, I had been giving out CID logo eco-friendly shopping totes (designed by my friend, Brian) this past fall for special events with $50 or more purchases, and have had such a good response with it, that I have developed a new promotion for Spring/Summer Shows and beyond!

Any purchases of $25 or more will receive a FREE Reusable cotton Shopper Tote, complete w/ CID logo. Bring this tote back to any of my shows (check out the many throughout New England to the right--->) and receive 10%off all of your purchases over $10!!!! I think this is a great way to get people to remember to bring their reusable totes, as I often forget mine whenI shop, and a great way for you loyal customers to save money as well!!! Please remind us about the discount if we neglect to mention it--as sometimes shows can be long and sometimes I have people filling in for me for breaks, etc.

I gave out a few this weekend at Holy Craft Fair & Flea Market in Cambridge, and many back in the Fall, and hope that people will bring those back to the shows as well, as this applies to anyone already having them ! I am excited to be doing shows already scheduled in Boston, MA, Cambridge, MA, Mashpee, MA, Concord, NH, Providence, RI, and hopefully others all spring and summer!
Come to the Special Get Green & Groovy Event April 5th@ Design Hive Market -Cambridge, MA and get one of your own! It is a great way to start off any eco-friendly lifestyle change and celebrate Earth Day!!

Also, especially for my customers who can't make it to shows in person---mention this when shopping on my etsy shop and I will credit your acct back 10% for every purchase over $10 as well!

Check back as I will be unveiling NEW Tote designs!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Come out to some shows!

Get out of the house and get creative! Winter has been such a bore, and I believe that if we act like it's Spring, it will be Spring! I think everyone needs a pick me up, so how about something like this ? :
"Get Green and Groovy" Event @ Design Hive Market, Cambridge, MA--
"In addition to our regular music-meets-indie market mashup, on Sunday April 5th, we’ll be hosting the “Get Green and Groovy” event featuring products made from salvaged and recycled materials by local indie designers and a fashion show presented by Fashion With Impact (FWI). FWI will adorn the runway with recycled fashions and debut its Re/fash-en collection of unique garments made from recycled fabrics (fashion show starts at 1pm)Plus, Autonomie Project, a new Boston-based fair trade fashion company, will have artists on-hand to help shoppers design and paint their own Ethletic custom footwear and screen print their own t-shirts. "

Sounds like fun, right?

Check out a review of my things, and of the design hive market itself, by Virgina of YazBerry Fashion:

Also, check out her stuff, which is cool too:

I am also hoping to see everyone out at Holy Craft Fair @ Cambridge Elks Lodge on March 21st--check out all of the good designers and who it
See more about it in previous posts!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

NEW Etsy Supply/"Destash" Shop-

I spent today, as I do many, wading through the insane amount of art/craft supplies and displays that inhabit my "art room". I decided that once and for all, I needed to open a supply shop on etsy--as I have a treasure trove of items that I will very likely not be able to use myself in the forseeable future! I have accumulated these from past jobs designing displays and teaching classes for a National Art & Craft Supply Store (discounts make it hard not to buy everything) and some displays from both my jewelry design career and from retail stores where I was a manager! Anyway, it will take awhile for me to sort out, but check it often for a whole range of things from beads, findings, wire, display cases, art supplies, etc. Let me know if you're looking for anything particular!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Spring Show Schedule!!

Lots of upcoming shows to tell you all about! Even though I always have next few months shows listed on the side of this blog, I like to tell you a little bit more about them!

March and April will be mainly for designing and creating for the weekly shows coming up. I attended a snowy Design Hive Market in Cambridge, MA on March 1st, which was going on simultaneously with a great clothing swap! Unfortunately, after several days of warmer weather, we got another lovely New England snowstorm, which seemed to keep the crowds down from the normal Design Hive turnout. Anyway, the participants all had a great time anyway seeing each other's newest creations, and getting back into the swing of things with the show circuit! There were some great people excited to participate in the clothing swap, and clean out their closets, but also add a few new treasures--yay for reusing/recycling/repurposing!

Just added--March 21st I will be @ Holy Craft! Fair. Holy Craft! Is a DIY craft flea market where vendors sell a variety of goods including handmade crafts and apparel, vintage clothing, records, baked treats, antiques and much, much more! All proceeds including table fees are being directly donated to AFSC MAP which provides the homeless, domestic violence survivors, the previously incarcerated, immigrants and others in need in the Greater Boston area with material goods such as clothing and housewares, resource management and job training. Check out their blog Show runs from 12-6 PM!
For the rest of the month, I plan on completing more of the newer designs I've been creating, hopefully sprucing up websites, blogspots, shops, etc...along with some more medical things.

April, so far, seems to be also more for revamping displays, new designs, and getting ready for the craziness of schedule for May and beyond!! (Hopefully, some nicer weather, too!) I will be appearing at Design Hive Market again, on Sunday April 5th, so by then I should have even more new things completed! I think that is the only show I will be doing in April, in order to prepare for May shows.....

Speaking of MAY, there are lots of great shows I am doing then! Starting off the month (May 1st & 2nd) is Twist Fair, a 2 day show that is really a unique experience. It is held in the Northampton, MA Center for the Arts Ballroom, which has beautiful architecture and character all on its own! The show starts off with a Market Party Friday night from 5-9, where vendors and shoppers alike are treated to a live DJ, a variety of beverages (yes, even adult beverages), and lots of great artisans! ( Then, Saturday, beginning @ 10 AM, it reopens and once again you get to enjoy this truly unique shopping experience all day! Next, I'll be @ Opening Weekend (May 16th & 17th) for SoWa/South End Open Market, Boston, MA! It's a great outdoor setting with a ton of Boston and vicinty's wonderful artisans along with fresh produce from area farms, local baked goods, and much more! Parking and admission are FREE, and this year, there is also an Antiques Market, where I know I will likely spend a good portion of my profits!!! I will also be here nearly every Sunday all the way through the end of October!!( May also brings another new experience, as I will also be attending the Providence Open Market, in Lippitt Park, on the East Side on their Opening Day, Saturday, May 23rd! It will also have art, healthy edibles, handbags, jewelry, accessories and much more. Hopefully, I will be able to do more shows there in the Fall, schedule permitting!

Phew!! I think that is all 'til June......Stay tuned for a NEW way to save money at my shows and be earth-friendly at the same time!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

NEW Contest on Facebook Fan Page

Hi! I have always done contests for myspace friends, and I realized I had never done one for Facebook! I decided to create one based upon recruiting people to be fans of my product page (not to be confused with the cadence innovative designs group--though feel free to join that as well!!).. All you have to do is become a fan, then get other people to become fans and post on the wall that (your name here) recruited them! Make sure they do that part, as otherwise it will not count (i.e.- I will not know if they were referred at all or who referred them). Being a fan of the page has its own rewards, as you often will see pics of new items right after being made (pre-etsy store) and find out about events and shows I'll be attending by a direct invite!!

What do you win for recruiting people--Well, $50 in free product, either from my online shop, shows, or a combination thereof!! Not too shabby!!! Also, feel free to friend request me! It has been great meeting completely new people already from this contest! Not on Facebook yet? Well, what a good excuse to join! Rules are below. (Here's a tip--Go to the cadence innovative designs fan page, hit "Share" in the top right, Post it to your page. Then, Copy and Paste the paragraph below as a comment below the post--that way, people know what to do! Feel free to contact me or comment with questions!

NEW contest announced! Whoever recruits the most new fans to the cadence innovative designs fan page will win a $50 credit to my online store/shows/combination thereof. New fans must post right on the page's wall who referred them, or it will not count! Contest ends Feb 28th, midnight, EST. Do not try to cheat, as I reserve the right to disqualify you! Good Luck!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

First Spring Shows

I have just finalized shows I will be doing for March and April. I will be back at Design Hive in Cambridge on March 1st and April 5th!! If you havent been to Designs Hive yet, here is a blurb from their site:
The Design Hive is part urban street market, part collective retail experience featuring different local indie designers, live DJs, and more! Shop from over 50 designers selling an array of handcrafted, one-of-a-kind items including:* clothing (modern and vintage)* handbags and accessories* jewelry* housewares * ceramics, prints, and paper goods* and much more!

This year, the shows will bw in the much larger gym area of the Maria Baldwin School (Thank Goodness!!) and there will be themes for each show, with coordinating happenings in the cafeteria:
Design Hive celebrates SPRING CLEANING on Sunday, March 1st: Designers will be cleaning out their showrooms so stop by and scoop up some great deals. And if your closet's in need of some paring down, join us that afternoon for our first DH clothing swap (same location, we make it easy). Stay tuned for details!

Here's how to get there:

The Design Hive is within walking distance of both Harvard and Porter Squares in Cambridge.

Address: Maria Baldwin School (formerly the Agassiz School)
28 Sacramento St. (off Mass Ave. @ corner of Oxford St.)
Cambridge, MA 02138

Directions from Harvard Square T stop
Take the red line to the Harvard Square T station and walk north past the Common along Mass Ave. Turn right at Sacramento St. and the market is at the end of the block at the corner of Oxford St.

Street parking available on Sundays!
Resident permits are not required on Sundays so plenty of street parking is available

PS--you'd already know about this show, and ALL my shows, if you were a fan of cadence innovative designs on facebook---join for exclusive contests, item pictures right as they're made, and other insider info!

See you soon! ~Cadence

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Spring Shows are Just Around the Corner...

Spring shows will be here before we know it! I have lots of brand new things I am still making--as you read! I have yet to release any pictures of them, as I am not quite done tweaking! While you wait, I am still offering FREE Shipping and lots of SALES in my etsy shop 'til Feb. 14th. I will be listing dates for Spring Shows very soon! Check back!!

Saturday, January 31, 2009

You create something, send it out into the world and... never know what happens to it!!
It is soooo wonderful when you create things that you like and you see someone actually using it! I am pretty sure that's what gets a lot of artisans up in the morning. This excitement is especially true for me when people are selecting gifts---you hope the recipient is actually excited to get the item that this person has so thoughfully selected for them! Often, we never find out if the recipient is pleased, or if it sat in a drawer hidden and unloved. I LOVE when people who geographically wouldn't likely see me in person at a show are nice enough to let me (and sometimes the world) know that they did, in fact, like what they got!!

Recent examples:

I am soo glad you love them, and I appreciate the feature and just knowing that the creation was loved!

I would love to hear from anyone who received something---as I often remember the person who bought it for you and its nice to see it all come full circle!! Pictures are great too!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Bangles on skirt! Boston

I randomly found my bangles on Skirt!Boston Magazine as one of their "loves" :

Now, I need to brave the snow so that I can get an actual copy at one of the many locations that it's available. for purchase.....
Thanks, Skirt!